mythology meme ♕ Melinoe

She was a frightful underworld Goddess, 
who presided over the propitiations offered to the ghosts of the dead.
She wandered the earth at night with a retinue of ghosts,
striking fear into the hearts of mankind.


children of the Underworld

- How are things in the underworld?

- Well, they’re just fine. You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. What are you gonna do?

Endless List of Favourite Anime Characters

Hades Aidoneus

highlight of my day (hoh spoilers)
  • Boy: *reading Percy Jackson field guide*
  • Me: Did you read the new book?
  • Boy: What?
  • Me: House of Hades. Did you read it?
  • Boy: I'm 46% of the way through it..
  • Me: So you know. Nico. Oh my gosh it's so cute isn't it? I didn't think it would be so cute but it is! I couldn't... it's just SO cute, just SO SO SO cute. I love love love it. So cute. Oh my gosh. *continues to fangirl incoherently*
  • Boy: What?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: You mean you don't know?
  • Boy: Know what?
  • Boy: What?
  • Me: Okay so Nico has a crush and it's really cute and you'll find out later
  • Boy: Okay
  • Me: *begins to walk away*
  • Boy: But wait, will you give me a hint at who it is?
  • Me: Nico's crush? Umm. well. It's very unexpected.
  • Boy: Annabeth?
  • Me: And. Um. Sort of controversial.
  • Boy: Piper?
  • Me: And it's never been done before in a children's book.
  • Boy: Reyna!
  • Me: ... and also his crush's name starts with a P.
  • Boy: Piper.
  • Me: ...
  • Boy: But that's the only person whose name starts with a P that I remember.
  • Me: ... in the Percy Jackson series
  • Boy: Yeah.
  • Me: You say Piper is the only person whose name starts with a P in the Percy Jackson series.
  • Boy: am I missing something
  • Me: in the PERCY JACKSON series
  • Boy: I'm missing something:
  • Boy: It's really obvious isn't it
  • Me: PERCY Jackson
  • Boy: What I - *eyes gloss over for a full minute* but wait
  • Boy: it can't be
  • Boy: that's not possible
  • Boy: nico's gay
  • Boy: and has a crush on percy
  • Boy: but
  • Boy: *stares at me helplessly*
  • Me: Oh. Sorry. I was just kidding.
  • Boy: ...
  • Me: It's Piper. Sorry.
  • Boy: ...
  • Me: Sorry.
  • Boy: I mean it kind of makes sense.
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Boy: Nico as that gay emo kid.
  • Me: Isn't he sort of that already?
  • Boy: What?
  • Me: Gay?
  • Boy: ... what?
  • Me: I mean emo. Isn't he already emo? I mean. Hades and all?
  • Boy: Yeah, I guess.
  • Me: Okay.Well. tell me when you finish the book okay?
  • Boy: Okay.
  • Me: ... and you really believed me that it was Percy?
  • Boy: Yeah. But.
  • Me: just tell me when you finish

Stydia AUWhen it comes to the supernatural in bacon Hills, Stiles and Lydia were ready for everything. But they were not ready when one stormy night, the jeep they were driving in crashed.
And when Lydia woke up, she was not ready to find out Stiles didn’t.

  • mother: you need to stop playing the sims.
  • me: ah fweegah fwaa boobasnot cayoo dis wompf es fredesche



i’m made of skin so I guess I’m skinny

You have brought new meaning to that word now. thank you

l y d i a, you’re stronger than this.

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Don’t you worry, girl
You know that I’m coming back for you


 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men


ya meme » 10 books/series

splintered trilogy

"Tearing down the rest of the world won’t make you happy. Look inside yourself. Because finding who you were meant to be? What you were put into this world to do? That’s what fills the emptiness. It’s the only things that can"


all i want is to be considered a pretty fan who’s hot enough to date a band member okay

You said it’s too late to make it, but is it too late to try?